BitHub.Africa is a commercial Blockchain Accelerator that is driving the adoption of blockchain technology and solutions across Africa.

Our focus is developing innovative and relevant solutions using blockchain technology. We believe that blockchain solutions will make substantial contributions to rethinking and improving existing structures in the following areas:

  1. Legal and Governance services
  2. Identity Management
  3. Data Management and Storage
  4. Financial Services
  5. Internet of Things -IOT
  6. AgriTech
  7. Software Security
  8. Payment Gateways

BitHub Africa is bringing together expertise to drive the development and adoption of blockchain technologies with a focus on Africa. This is because we believe Kenya is the hotbed of innovative and disruptive financial technology based solutions e.g. M-Pesa. We also believe blockchain solutions will play a significant part in helping Kenya attain its Vision2030 goals and become a world leader in adopting of technology.

We provide analytical Consulting and Advisory services for organizations interested in deploying blockchain solutions across Africa and the Middle East. BitHub also trains and hosts blockchain developers at our hub in Nairobi creating the best pool of expertise.

BitHub was founded in December 2015 and officially started operations as a business in Kenya on 6th January 2016 and is currently trading as Space Kenya Networks Limited, which was created with a vision of providing hyper quality Internet solutions and services and was registered as a Company in 2010.

Space Kenya has also been involved in a number of projects that involve the analysis of the social impact of ICT in Africa as well as projecting possible growth areas of ICT based solutions for the continent. In this regard we were awarded the Vision2030 ICT Award 2011 for Innovation in Youth and Gender Sector by the Kenyan Government for our Whive SMS product.

Space Kenya has built a reputation by diligently providing Internet service and software solutions. Today Space Kenya is positioning itself as one of the best firms in developing and implementing innovative digital technologies and solutions in Kenya and across the rest of Africa.

 Africa is the hotbed of innovative and disruptive financial technology based solutions e.g. M-Pesa.