The African Blockchain Opportunity - First Edition. "How Crypto-Currencies and Tokens could scale Disruptive Solutions across Africa."

The African Blockchain Opportunity - first edition.

How Crypto-currencies and Tokens could scale disruptive solutions across Africa.

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Africa has been adopting mobile money platforms like M-Pesa, that enable digital transactions using fiat currencies, faster than any other region in the entire globe. In this eBook we have comprehensively reviewed 16 Crypto-currencies and Blockchain platforms that we believe will DISRUPT existing Incumbents across key sectors like Finance, Technology, and Commerce. We call this The Blockchain Opportunity. This report will be most helpful to you as a Blockchain entrepreneur, researcher and enthusiast. Find out what is coming next after Bitcoin and Ethereum. Your purchase will enable you to receive subsequent revisions of this edition and gain access to our community resource on slack.

Full Description

Africa is leapfrogging traditional legacy banking and payments systems in use in much of the developed World through fast adoption of mobile and internet based technology. Disruptive Blockchain technology such as Bitcoin has great potential in creating efficiency and disrupting traditional mechanisms for international trade, resource management, and governance where current transaction costs are high due to existing bottlenecks such as poor infrastructure, corruption and mismanagement. However, huge challenges remain creating obstacles in the adoption of these innovative technologies to solve these pressing problems.
Digital currencies and in particular crypto-currencies in general, have evolved rapidly during the past eight years since the advent of Bitcoin the World’s first truly decentralized crypto-currency. Bitcoin invented in the year 2007 by an anonymous person or entity known as Satoshi Nakamoto has forever revolutionized the way the transfer of value occurs between two or more parties who do not trust each other.
The space continues to evolve rapidly with hundreds perhaps thousands of crypto-currencies being created every day, most of which are either irrelevant or scams that offer little or no value to society. We at BitHub.Africa have spent a considerable amount of time researching and looking into different crypto-currencies and platforms to determine which ones offer either a unique value proposition or innovative solutions to common placed problems that exist in Africa.

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. Appreciation
  3. Testimonials
  4. Payment & Roadmap
  5. Disclaimer
  6. Table of Contents
  7. BitHub.Africa Profile
  8. Editors Profile
  9. Executive Summary
  10. Literature Review And Research Methodology
  11. Chapter 1: A Brief History Of Bitcoin & Blockchain
  12. Chapter 2: Micro-Payments Myth Or Reality
  13. Chapter 3: Decentralized Asset Management
  14. Chapter 4: Decentralized Privacy
  15. Chapter 5: Decentralized Blockchain Applications
  16. Chapter 6: Decentralized E-Commerce
  17. Chapter 7: Decentralized Storage Solutions
  18. Chapter 8: Decentralized Identity Management
  19. Chapter 9: Decentralized Communication Apps
  20. Conclusion
  21. References

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