Roadmap Activity Plan for 2016-2017

We at BitHub.Africa have developed a road map that we believe will ensure that the adoption of Blockchain Technology including Bitcoin is accelerated across the continent today.  This is despite the many challenges the community has faced in the promotion and adoption of this disruptive technology across key African countries on the continent today.

The road map of key activities this year(2016) is as follows:

  1. Launch of BitHub.Africa Initiative & Website, December  2015
  2. Launch of Blockchain Opportunity Feasibility Survey, December 2015 – Complete, View Here.
  3. Launch of Incubation Work and Training Space, March 2016 – Complete, View Here.
  4. Release of Blockchain Opportunity Feasibility Survey Research, March 2016 – Complete, View Here.
  5. Launch Digital Skills Training partnership including Blockchain Program,  April 2016 – Complete, View Here.
  6. Present at DotFinanceLive Event, May 2016 – Complete, View Here.
  7. Development of Blockchain and Bitcoin curriculum for Digital Skills Training Program, June 2016 – Complete, View Here.
  8. Incubate the first Startup Blockchain  in Nairobi –  August 2016 – Complete, View Here.
  9. Release of ebook, “The Blockchain Opportunity in Africa”,  August 2016, View Here.
  10. Book Sale campaign for The Blockchain Opportunity eBook, August to October 2016.
  11. Accelerate Digital Skills & Developer Workshops across East African cities.September – December 2016.
  12. Launch of BitHub Nodes Initiative for relevant Blockchain Technologies, January 2017.

These are the main activities for the year 2016 and we envisage to be continuously Consulting with Startups and other Institutions interested in Blockchain Technologies throughout the year. Our broad goals for 2017 and beyond are:

  • Expand our current Incubator training and workspace to 2,000 square feet from the current 600 square feet to accommodate more startups and increase training capacity.
  • Spread our workshops across to the rest of Africa.
  • Increase the research on Blockchain Technology and host more nodes for the most viable Blockchains.