Training Introduction to Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology

BitHub Africa currently offers the following training module:

Blockchain101 Course (Cost USD 75 / KSHS 7,500 meals included)

  1. Introduction to Bitcoin & Blockchain. (1 Hours)
  2. Introduction to Bitcoin Mining. (1/2 Hour)
  3. Introduction to Bitcoin Trading. (1/2 Hour)
  4. Social Media & Blockchain. (1/2 Hour)
  5. Best Practices for Bitcoin Safety. (1/2 Hour)

Africa has been adopting mobile money platforms like M-Pesa, that enable digital transactions using fiat currencies, faster than any other region in the entire globe. In this course module you will learn in depth about Bitcoin and Blockchain technology and how to apply Blockchain strategies in your business or startup.

You will also get a complementary copy of our report; The Blockchain Opportunity.

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